Who are we?

Bookkeeping agency "Sasa" is an agency with decades of experience
and with highly educated staff


We are a bookkeeping agency with a long tradition. We were founded in 2000 by a licensed bookkeeper with over 30 years of experience and completed Faculty of Economics at Unversity of Belgrade.


. We have a well-trained team of highly educated professionas, who have gained experience in the positions of CFOs and Chief Accountants at large companies.

Way of work

We use state-of-the-art software solutions to provide our clients with up-to-date monitoring of balances, as well as a complete overview of the business.


At any given moment we have over 60 satisfied and clients from different fields of business.


Our agency provides a large number of bookkeeping services, and we negotiate the prices of service
depending on the activity and scope of work

Accounting services

  • Keeping business books in a double bookkeeping system for micro, small and manufacturing companies
  • Keeping analytical records of fixed assets, inventories, customers, suppliers

  • Commercial bookkeeping in wholesale and retail trade
  • Accounting of expenses
  • Tax and bookkeeping consultations
  • The running of the cash register
  • Making calculation and bookkeeping

  • Interest calculation
  • Preparation of loan approval documentation
  • VAT records, VAT calculation and tax filing
  • Producing balance sheet, income statement, statistical annex, tax balance, statement of changes in cash flows

Salary calculation and personnel records

  • Salary for employees and founders
  • Electronic sign-ups and check-out of workers
  • Employment contract, employment contract, temporary and occasional employment contract
  • Application of seniority, M-4 form
  • Calculation of sick leave, maternity leave

Establishment and registration of businesses, entrepreneurs and associations

  • Advice on choosing the right legal form
  • Production of complete documentation
  • Registration of a company in SBRA
  • Making a stamp and opening a business account with the bank
  • Tax and bookkeeping consultations

Why pick us?

Quality of service and fast delivery is the result of our knowledge and professionalism
that set our accounting agency apart

A great deal of knowledge, expertise and high quality of the services are the characteristics that we are proud of and on which our business is based. We believe that choosing an accountant is one of the key for any business entity. We are constantly improving through the monitoring of professional literature and legislation.We are constantly improving through the monitoring of professional literature and legislation. Through professional tax advisory services, we contribute to the efficiency of our clients business decisions as well as to savings through finding optimal tax solutions.

We have our own courier service, so it doesn't matter what part of the city you are in, our people are in charge of all the tasks of getting and bringing documentation.

  • Great knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • High quality of services provided
  • Courier service


For more information call us on our phone numbers:
011/2525-769 and 062-229798
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Family Praizović 8, Sremcica, Beograd
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